Hi everyone! 🙂

With this update post, I announce my return to the beautiful world of Music Production! and also the inauguration of my new webpage

I will tell a lot of things…. let’s get started.

Why I had been away for so long?

The answer is simply; my first laptop, in which I had produced the “Hyacintho Resilience” album, and all the songs till “Meteor Rain (Rebirth)”, died.

So… I had to get a new laptop, and thanks to the goodwill of my father, he lent me his laptop until less than a month ago. Unfortunately, his laptop doesn’t had the minimum requirements to produce some decent songs, so I had to save money at maximum in my work.

After a couple of months working hard, finally the day of rebirth came. The money was enough to buy a new laptop, and I bought my actual laptop… the “Acer Predator 17”.

With my actual hardware, I’m in full control of the production, and I improved my efficiency in a 300%.

Where magic is born: Acer Predator 17

What is the status of the projects?

Let’s go step by step.

Area Zero Remix, by Frozenith (2015)


Description: “Area Zero: Remix” is a tribute album of the “Mega Man Zero” games. The album is divided in 4 chapters, and the names of the chapters will be revealed a little before his respective release. The first release will be Chapter 01: Awake.
The artist “Blopa” is in charge of the artworks; drawings that i will use as Cover for the chapters.

Status: Undefined Hiatus. Just that. This project could see the light someday, but for now, not.

Rockman ZX Genesis, by Team Einherjar


Description: A game in development by Team Einherjar. I’m working on some original songs for the stages. There are some demo tracks on my Soundcloud profile:

Status: In development. You can find the playable demo in the Facebook page of Team Einherjar. Check it out:

FictionSphere, by Team Einherjar


Description: An original game in development by Team Einherjar.

FictionSphere is a “Technical Platformer” with a story driven agenda. Its packed with some of your favorite mechanics from the Platforming and beat-em-up genres.

We aim to have TWO compelling stories, as well as 2 different styles of gameplay. The protagonist Ratio will have more of a Platformer feel, while Paradox will take more of a beat-em-up route. Both playstyles require precision, execution, and timing. This game will be a true testament of your gamer-like reflexes!

Status: In development. the trailer is now on YouTube and the KickStarter campaign is alive!

Project Promise, by Deivid Belmont and Murasaki Neko


Description: This is an animated series in development by Deivid Belmont and Murasaki Neko, from Colombia. You can see the advances on their Facebook page.

Status: In development. I’ve already did the opening theme, it’s the song “Mega Man X5 Opening Re-Arranged (2016)”. Also I will do some songs from Hyacintho Resilience but will be completely remixed, to sound with my actual quality.

And now… what’s next?

Well my friends… I think (and I hope that all of you too) that it’s time to start working profesionally on the Music Production stuff.

Why? I know that you don’t heard any new song yet, but believe me, the new songs kick-ass 🙂

… want to hear some? 😀

Hahaha, do you think that I’m only writing? No no no! I’m here with a brand new Sound Test too, to take your ears to Mars! 🙂

That’s all!

I hope that you like the new sound quality… I spent a lot of time through these years to make the best music for you, the people, so we will meet again in the next update! 🙂