The first song of 2017: “Flower Illusion”


Hello everyone!
Here it is, a brand new song… the first of 2017 :O
and better yet, this song will be the Opening song for FictionSphere!


FictionSphere is a game in development by Team Einherjar. The game is a “Technical Platformer” with a story driven agenda. Its packed with some of your favorite mechanics from the Platforming and beat-em-up genres.

We aim to have TWO compelling stories, as well as 2 different styles of gameplay. The protagonist Ratio will have more of a Platformer feel, while Paradox will take more of a beat-em-up route. Both playstyles require precision, execution, and timing. This game will be a true testament of your gamer-like reflexes!

• Read the full campaign and support on:

• Want to support my music?

• Download “Flower Illusion” for free (MP3@320kbps) in the Downloads Section.

THANK YOU! Have an awesome day/night ;D

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