About Me


It all started about in 2009, when my parents gave me a toy musical keyboard, and the desire to play well and make my own music was growing.

My first inspirations were the bands Sonata Arctica, Stratovarius and Galneryus. I spent most of the day learning keyboard solos, learning new techniques, and also learning about other instruments. That’s how I also learned how to play guitar, bass and drums besides the keyboard.

Having already a great theoretical level on each instrument, I began to create my own songs, thus giving birth to my first artistic name, “CyberWolf”, and I used to upload my songs to MySpace.

One day, I decided to make a name change, one that would better represent who I am and what I want to express with my music, and that’s when Frozenith was born.

The name Frozenith come from philosophies of Astronomy and Fantasy.

Its composition is the mixture of the words “Frozen” and “Zenith“, which literally mean “Frozen” and “Apogee”.

Astronomically, Zenith is taken as “The highest point in the sky”, and philosophically, as “The apogee of a person”.(“Apogee” is the greatest moment of greatness and success for a person).

Therefore, what I express with Frozenith, in name and music, is:

“The highest point in your life, the moment of greatest glory … Frozen. It is like being in the highest part of heaven, living your apogee forever.”

Another important fact, if you look at the logo, you will notice that the watch has 13 hours. This also has a significant meaning to the previous … it is part of Fantasy, because spiritually, Zenith is “Heaven” and Nadir is “Hell”:

“The planet had two souls.
One inside and one outside.
The World of Light and the World of Darkness.
4.6 billion years since the birth of the planet.
Growth and destruction take turns in a cycle.

The World of Light brings growth and the birth of new lives.
The World of Darkness brings glacial eras.
The Light creates intelligent beings.
Progress is strengthened.
Darkness creates fear and imbalance.
They have been given the names of God and Devil.”

Now it’s up to you. What do you choose?
Enjoy the best moments of your life in a world of Light, or in the Dark?

And that’s why, my music has varied nuances from ballads to metal.

Who am I really?

Ariel Galdames.
Level 24.
Santo Domingo, Chile.

During the day I am a Software Developer at the IT department of APM Terminals Chile, And when night falls,  I become Frozenith, a music producer.

I usually like to do Orchestral/Electronic/Rock/Metal melodies, adding elements of any genre or culture, always thinking that my songs could be in a video game or an anime…

My latest picture: