ZM Update

Hi everyone, hope you are doing well. I just want to say sorry to all the people that waited for so long, the people that talked to me, the people that wanted to work with me.. It has been a very hard time, like 3 years in total… I will not dive into details, but I want you all to know that Im sorry, really. I always wanted to have time to be here with all of you, to work together, to make special things.. so now, my days are changing, and I feel that I have the strongest will and creativity to finish this, maybe I still have short times, but I will do it, to make a great return, and never dissapoint any of you again.

This album is merely a tribute to a fictional character, but it means a lot to me, and it has all of my love. I know its been in development for.. 3 or 4 years? but well, it is reaching his final development stage! and Im so hyped to show you all the results of this.

See ya soon, maybe in April 🙂


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